As my focus shifted away from flat media and towards 360° and Virtual Reality content, the updates to QubaHQ became more and more sparse. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you my brand new website: It will be a home to all my newest projects, my VR-focussed portfolio and a host of articles, reviews and editorials on the subject of immersive media.

QubaVR features modern, responsive layout, larger media sizes and a brand new identity. It looks awesome either on a 48 inch screen or on a mobile phone.

What does it mean to QubaHQ? This site will slowly turn into a more personal blog kind-of-affair. Anything that’s not realted to 360/VR will still find home here. But all that after some house-keeping.

In the near future I may temporarily stealth and work on a redesign. The current theme is leaking left and right and it is time to modernize. I am looking for the least intrusive way of doing so – will update you with the details.

And now what are you waiting for?

Go, go, go, check out!