Sometimes I spend days, weeks or months, bending the laws of physics and trailblazing cinematic virtual reality. Other days, I sit down with my wife and creative partner-in-crime and make silly animations featuring girls wearing dresses filled with food.

I think you can guess which one this will be :)

Breakfast Club is a Sunday brunch on-the-go, seven days a week. Just put it on and snack away!

Art by Çiğdem Michalski (ChiChiLand), animation by me.

Here’s a second video with some close-ups. There are over a hundred layers constituting the dress itself – it would be a shame if you didn’t notice every single one!

In case you haven’t been following ChiChiLand (and you should be), here is the earlier work from the same series, we created together in June.

It’s called Pie Girl on the Move