Bowerbirds: September

This is the very last Bowerbirds video I will be doing myself. While we still have a few more to go, they will be created and animated by the very talented members of my team as opposed to my 100% hands-on approach I cultivated so far.

While nobody seems to want to play my little game, I still feel obligated to ask: Can you guess what did we film and used as the transition mattes for this video?


Produced at: Autofuss
Client: Olivari Olive Oil
Agency: twofifteenmccann
Creative Direction, Design, VFX, Animation: Quba Michalski
Transition Matte SFX: Conor Grebel
Camera (Transition Matte SFX): Aron Pruiett
Tools: Cinema 4D, After Effects

For more of my Bowerbirds videos, simply search for the right tag on the site or check this playlist on YouTube.