Everything Tastes Better in Slow Motion (part 2)

Here is part two of our year-long project of liquid experimentation (read: splashing oil around the studio). Can you guess what did we actually shoot to achieve these visuals? Drop me a comment below if you think so :)






Here is a YouTube Playlist of the entire 26-part Everything Tastes Better in Slow Motion series. You may also want to check part 1, part 3, part 4 and part 5 of this project.

Produced at: Autofuss
Client: Olivari Olive Oil
Agency: twofifteenmccann
Creative Direction: Quba Michalski
Cinematography: Joe Picard
Editing: Ashley Rodholm, Ian Colon
Set Design / Rigging: Andy Vogt, Joe Picard
Post & color: Quba Michalski
Tools: After Effects