This preset and tutorial have been inspired by true events …or to be precise – they are based on a project I did a short while ago.

In this tutorial I will show you how to quickly simulate stop motion aesthetic using my After Effects Stop Motion Kit. This collection of presets will allow you to easily add subtle imperfections to the movement of objects in your scene, emulating animator errors that are a staple of stop motion animation. Using 6 different expression sets, you will be able to apply and control glitches in movement, rotation and timing of your objects as well as simulate changes in camera position and exposure.

Running time: 37min
Difficulty: Easy
Required tools: After Effects

Preview video:




Note: For some reason, Camtasia was quite uncooperative today and refused to capture the preview animations at a proper framerate. They should be played back at ~10fps, but show the video shows only 1-2 frames a second. The actual live result is much better!

Download the files associated with this tutorial below:

You may download the tutorial video as MPEG-4 from its Vimeo page. The preview video can also be watched at YouTube.

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