In this long-delayed tutorial I will show you an efficient method for disintegrating/dispersing a 3D layer into particles. The method shown here has been optimized to produce maximum amount of particles at lowest computing cost (more stuff flying around, faster renders).

Originally planned to be released in June 2010, this tutorial concludes the four-part series including: 100% Accurate Reflections, Automated Light Rig and Light Wall.

Running time: 70min
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Trapcode Particular
Optional plug-ins: VC Optical Flares (or similar)

Please, make sure to enable HD option when viewing the videos.

Preview video:




Download the files associated with this tutorial below:

You may also download the tutorial from its Vimeo page. The preview video can also be watched at YouTube.

What you think of the close-up zooms edited in the video – are they useful, annoying, distracting? Let me know in the comments below.

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