I have big plans for QubaHQ Tutorials in June. Over the course of the last few days I thought up and implemented four new techniques that I will share with you over the course of the coming month. Well, at least I hope to be able to push all the content out in a span of 30 days.

Check the rest of this post for the teaser trailer, as well as a short explanation of things to come.


So, what will you see here in June?

Automated, synchronized 3D lights color control
An expression driven After Effects rig allowing you to quickly and easily create 3D scene lighting using pre-defined color map. You will be able to either maintain full manual control, or set it to automate the changes in lighting.

3D light arrays driven by animated texture maps
Derived from the previous rig, this setup will let you control large arrays of lights (110 in the trailer) using animated color/intensity map, similarly to the much simpler effect seen in Scrolling LED Text tutorial.

Pixel-perfect procedural layer disintegration
Who does not like breaking stuff into tiny-tiny pieces (or using time-reverse, creating animation elements from particles)? I am going to show you a very cool technique letting you turn your layers into sand, smoke or any other type of particle, while maintaining very high level of precision and control.

100% accurate floor reflection rig
Reflecting simple elements is quite easy. You can do it manually or use any of the plugins available for AE. How about reflecting more complex scenes, such as a particle simulation? Yes, it is possible and yes, it is quite easy once you see it done once.

Download the QubaHQ: June Trailer (30MB MP4)

Music used in this trailer was composed by Joel Nielsen for the upcoming Black Mesa Half-Life 2 mod.

The QubaHQ: June Trailer can also be watched at Vimeo and YouTube.