After nearly a week of content transfer, QubaHQ is finally ready for public unveiling.

Nearly 200 posts have been brought here in order to create the definitive Quba site. Archives include:

  • Video Bits
    Visual experiment and short motion graphics pieces
  • Adventures of the Bici Bee
    All 115 original episodes of the webcomic – to be continued, soon
  • Brainstorm
    All… 3… articles from my much neglected little big ideas blog (more coming)
  • Imago portfolio
    The entire catalog of my works done at imago. Because having it just on the official site was not good enough.

Of course, there is more to come. Now that I have completed the migration and filled up the archives, prepare for some fresh, new content (as well as a few unexpected blasts from the past).

So, welcome to the new QubaHQ! Enjoy your stay and come back often (alternatively, subscribe via the RSS feed). …and of course comment. Comment like there’s no tomorrow!