ÃœberNumber (Tutorial + Preset)

Formatting text for dynamically generated numbers in After Effects just got a whole lot easier! In this episode I will introduce you to the uberNumber() function I designed combining numerous smaller expressions, to create an all-in-one number formatting tool.

Running time: 29min
Difficulty: Easy
Required tools: After Effects
Intro and Outro music: “Ghosts II” by Nine Inch Nails

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After Effects CC 2019 Update!

Robert Kjettrup brought to my attention the fact that due to the changes in how After Effects handles functions, the original UberNumber was broken and does not work in Adobe CC 2019 and higher.

Thanks to him and John Colombo (from Adobe) for providing me with a quick fix that makes it work in the new, recent versions of the software.

I have patched up the preset and re-uploaded it at the same link below. It should now work fine in After Effects CC 2019.

Download the files associated with this tutorial below:

  • QubaHQ UberNumber
    Tested with Adobe After Effects CC, Localized for English AE version
    Download: QubaHQ_UberNumber.zip
    Extract the downloaded file into your After Effects presets folder.

The tutorial can also be watched at YouTube and Vimeo.

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