Rainy Window (Tutorial)

In this massive, 3-chapter tutorial you will learn how to create an After Effects scene with a realistic rain dripping down a window. In chapter 1 I explain the creation of the background plate – from a single photograph to an illusion of an alive city at night. In chapter 2 I walk you though the creation of rain simulation using Trapcode Particular. The final, 3rd chapter focuses on compositing these elements together to create the final look.

Running time: 103min (in three chapters: 35, 33 and 45min long)
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Trapcode Particular
Recommended tools: Trapcode Shine
Intro and Outro music: “Ghosts II” by Nine Inch Nails

Chapter 1: Background Plate


Chapter 2: Particle Simulation


Chapter 3: Final Composite


It took me over three full days to record, edit and produce this tutorial, and that’s not counting the planning, optimization and trial runs. How about clicking that thumbs-up button, or sharing with around? A few clicks for my work is not too much to ask, is it? Thanks!

Here are the direct links to all the chapters:
Chapter 1: YouTube, Vimeo
Chapter 2: YouTube, Vimeo
Chapter 3: YouTube, Vimeo
QubaHQ Tutorials Season 2 Playlist: YouTube, Vimeo

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