QHQ Superglue (tutorial+preset)

In this episode I will share with you a simple After Effects preset I designed to help me stick 2D layers to a variety of sources without the need for parenting. While the technique itself is trivially simple, I will explain in-depth the mechanism behind the script and walk you through a number of examples of how it can be used.

Running time: 43min
Difficulty: Easy
Required tools: After Effects
Intro and Outro music: “Ghosts II” by Nine Inch Nails


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Download the files associated with this turtorial below:

  • QubaHQ Superglue
    Tested with Adobe After Effects CC, Localized for English AE version
    Download: QubaHQ_Superglue.zip
    Extract the downloaded file into your After Effects presets folder.

The tutorial can also be watched at YouTube and Vimeo.

Creative Commons License
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