Dance Central 2: Dance 2gether (oldie)

This is a real blast from the past.

A few years ago, I have been commissioned by a LA-based production company g-NET to create a post-production look and set of tools for this Dance Central ad. I have completed the assignment and as a part of the process built a cool After Effects Expression for controlling the playback of videos on multiple layers. I will most likely make a tutorial for it as a part of QHQ Tutorials Season 2.

Despite putting few scenes from the video on my reel, I pretty much all but forgot about this project and never had a chance to showcase it here. So, with a great delay, here are two ads from the “Dance 2gether” series.



Produced by: g-NET
Client: XBOX / Harmonix
Post post production, look and tool development: Quba Michalski
Tools: After Effects