Little Things with Long Domains

It’s safe to say 2013 had a lot of Olivari in it. From the slow motion series, through all the Bowerbirds videos, adventures of Oli; we have created tons of content for the brand’s Year of Little campaign. One of the series I previously did not publicize on QubaHQ was Little Things with Long Domains – a series of 12 infinite loops about some of the small joys of life.

Each clip lives on its own, appropriately named domain (and my YouTube channel). Here is http://www.RainSlowlyMovingDownTheWindow- for example. (had to hyphenate as it did not fit my site!)


With the exception of the video above, all the clips were shot live and looped using simple post technique. The rainy night on the other hand was created entirely in After Effects, using my very own technique of simulating wet glass with particles, distortions and blurring.

Produced at: Autofuss
Client: Olivari Olive Oil
Agency: twofifteenmccann
Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Animation: Quba Michalski
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Additional VFX: Pedro Henrique Figueira
Tools: After Effects

You can also watch all the other Little Things with Long Domains in one gigantic zen meditative bender using this playlist on YouTube.