Google Nexus 7: Fear Less

Today is a big day. Google has just announced their awesome new Nexus 7 tablet and here at Autofuss, we are finally free to begin talking about all the things we were doing for Nexus in the past months.

While there are many pieces to the puzzle that is the media campaign of Google Nexus 7, at its center sits Fear Less – a TV spot conceived by the fine minds here and premiered today during the official product reveal.


Google Nexus 7: Fear Less
An Autofuss Production

Executive Creative Director: Randy Stowell
Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
Creative Director: Josh Lowman
Senior Copywriter: AJ Musial
Senior Art Director: Jason Rosenberg
Art Director: Wyeth Keppelhaver
Copywriter: Daniel Joseph
Director of Content Production: Micah Gendron
Senior Producer: Mark Tobin
Account Director: Brendan Keenan

B-Reel Productions
Director: Drake Doremus
Executive Producer: James Okumura
Line Producer: Hans Ritter

Beast Editorial
Editor: Brian Lagerhausen
Producer: Tracy Coleman

Stimmung Music
Producer: Kristina Iwankiw
Composer: Dave Winer