Google: Nexus Playground

For the 2012 launch of the new Nexus family of devices, we imagined a playful world of Google services interacting around a stack of devices. Following the success of the first Nexus Playground video, we were then asked to create a series of sequels, each talking about a particular type of experience Nexus can provide to its users.

The films below were originally published inside rich media banners, as a part of Google’s 2012/2013 Nexus: The Playground is Open campaign.





You can also watch these videos back-to-back on YouTube.


Google: Nexus Playground
An Autofuss Production
Executive Creative Director: Randy Stowell
Creative Director: Quba Michalski
Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
Producers: Micah Gendron, Christine Cheng
Design Director: Ryan Chen
Art Director/Designer: Jarratt Moody, Wyeth Koppenhaver
Animation: Jarratt Moody, Ryan Chen, Jason Kerr, Chris McCard, Ion Lucin
Compositing: Pedro Figueira
Editing: Ian Colon
Music: Lullatone

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