It is my pleasure to publicly announce that as of today I have changed my official status into Creative Free Agent and I am available for work with all interested parties. For all business inquiries you may contact me directly – the details can be found on the About page of this site.

It took me a while to figure out how to properly title myself and my services. Freelance Director? Motion Design Artist for Hire? Unassociated Writer/Art/Creative/Director? Truth be told, looking back at the past decade, it is much easier to list the things I did not do than all the roles I assumed on all the projects.

I developed concepts, plans and ideas for major TV, cinema, web, multimedia and viral campaigns. I wrote scripts and scenarios as well as did re-writes on existing ones. I pitched and sold the ideas and projects to agencies, creatives, producers, clients, marketing specialists and CEOs.

I storyboarded, art and creative-directed projects. I animated, photographed, directed live shots, stop motion, slow motion, green screen, tilt-shift and any other technique you can think of. I created 2D, 2.5D, 3D (stereoscopic included) content myself as well as supervised teams of various sizes in creating it.

I filmed, edited, composited, created vfx, sfx, music, created interfaces, scripted code, developed techniques and styles, trained teams and individuals, developed systems and pipelines, contributed to industry standard software development – you name it.

The projects I worked on range from independent to commercial, abstract to narrative, artistic to realistic. I worked on overnight express solo jobs as well as on massive projects, directing dozens of people over the course of several months.

I created 2-second pieces with a single graphic element as well as 5 minute long 3D extravaganzas. I worked with small clients and world’s largest corporations, with small studios and biggest agencies, with production companies and with post houses. How else can I sum all these up in a title?

If you need someone to take your brand, product, concept, scenario or project and deliver a completely new level of advertisement – I am the creative free agent, and I want you to work with me.