The project I am working on at the moment kept me out of the studio for most of the time recently. While I was away though, I did not want the computers to stay idle, so I set up some calculation-intensive experiments to render during my absence. Here’s one of them.

I have come across a fantastic Cinema 4D plugin called Xbreaker created by pariah Studios. It allows you to shatter pretty much any geometry into tiny pieces with just a few clicks. Add some physics, shaders, a bit of post in After Effects – and you got yourself a nice little visual experiment.

The thing took forever-and-then-some to render, mainly due to my lack of knowledge in render optimization. Still, I think it was better than having the computers off.

Good Times with Xbreaker (click to play)


Music by Nine Inch Nails (Track 9 from the album Ghosts I).

Download Xbreaker (32 and 64 bit):

The video is also available at Vimeo and YouTube.