I completed this experimental piece over the period of three days in April 2009. I have been experimenting with Cinema 4D, and in the course of messing with various animation settings, came up with a cool morphing crystal. I built a simple scene around the crystal with an inexperienced girl magician blowing herself to pieces by activating its powers. You can see the full-size video at the project’s page on imago site, or a smaller version with a little extra, right here, after the break.

The project itself was more of a technical exercise than anything else. I generated the procedural disintegration of the character using a smart setup where particles are emitted only from the edges of animated mask.

Here is the Witchcraft: RTFM video:

[flashvideo file=http://video.qubahq.com/qubaHQ_WitchcraftRTFM.flv height=367 /]


Perhaps half of the work on this project went to the look of the crystal itself. Smoke, glows, shimmering shine, particles – all that stuff is barely visible in the final video, where the crystal ended up being fairly small. With this in mind, here is a separate render of just the crystal in all its shining glory:

[flashvideo file=http://video.qubahq.com/qubaHQ_CrystalRTFM.flv height=479 /]