gun.ctrl is a series of five short animations, created for Umut Vakfı – an organization discouraging possession and use of guns by civilians.

First three films in the series (01: Kutluyoruz – we’re celebrating, 02: ”¢REC and 03: Bir taÅŸla iki kuÅŸ – two birds with one stone) are a small trilogy, all focusing on the different outcomes of a similar event – an anonymous celebration involving shooting bullets into the air. Fourth movie (04: At, avrat, silah) takes its roots in an old Turkish proverb, claiming that a true man is defined by his three possessions: his horse, woman and the gun. The fifth movie (05: Her yaÅŸa uygun – suitable for all ages) consists of three short segments, each exposing the true nature of unprovoked gun use.

Entire project was shot and produced with virtually no budget, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the entire team.

[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl 01: Kutluyoruz – we’re celebrating


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl 02: ӢREC


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl 03: Bir taÅŸla iki kuÅŸ – two birds with one stone


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl 04: At, avrat, silah


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl 05: Her yaÅŸa uygun – suitable for all ages


gun.ctrl: something out of nothing was created one year after the original films and serves as a short look behind the scenes of the compositing process.

[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
gun.ctrl: something out of nothing


Client: Umut Vakfı
Directed by: Quba Michalski
Scenario, Design, Animation: Quba Michalski
Produced by: Çiçek Kahraman
Camera: Hakan Volkan
Music: Ferit Özgüner
Sound: Dylan Pank
Actors: Bessy Adut, Esra Oral, Esin Paça, Selen Hünerli, Milen Nae, Yetkin Yazıcı and the crew
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro

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