Project Tango: The Journey

Ever since Autofuss has been acquired by Google last year, we have been exposed to some truly amazing ideas and technologies – some of which we can, some we cannot talk about. Project Tango, an effort to teach mobile devices how to sense the world around them in 3D, has been probably the most impressive undertaking I had the pleasure to be introduced to.

My small, dedicated team at Autofuss has been working with Tango in the past several months, and The Journey is the most recent film we created about the project.


Lead by Johnny Chung Lee, Project Tango took a fairly unorthodox approach to the development of this new technology. Rather than complete secrecy, Google engineers collaborated with research labs and academia, developing both the software as well as the current incarnation of the project – the Tango Tablet.

This film is a tribute to all the amazing minds involved in making Tango a reality. It documents the amazing journey of computer vision and 3D sensing that led to today’s ability to contain all these amazing technologies in a user-oriented mobile device.

Creative Director: Quba Michalski
Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone
Directed by: Quba Michalski, Micah Gendron
Art Director: Yalda Zakeri
Assistant Cameraman: Ian Colon
Producer: Andrew Devansky

Editor: Ian Colon
Post Supervisor and Compositing: Quba Michalski
Motion Design and Titles: Conor Grebel, Peter Clark, Nathaniel Costa
Color grading: Marshall Plante (Ntropic)
Original Music and Sound Engineering: Harald Boysen

Minnesota unit:
Gaffer: Greg Niska
Sound Mixer: Patrick Schaefer
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Tasty Lighting Co.

Washington DC unit:
Gaffer: Doug Ray
Grip: Jesse Fresco
Sound Mixer: Brian Garfield
Assistant Cameraman: Michael Krebs
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Washington Source

Los Angeles unit:
Gaffer: Tej Virdi
Grip: Blake Smith
Sound Mixer: Jeremy Sugalski
Grip and Lightning Supplies: Cinelease

Zurich unit:
Fixer/Production Manager: Regula Begert
Gaffer: Andre Pinkus
Electrician: Viktor Zemeckas
Sound Mixer: Florian Flossmann
Extra Camera Equipment: Eberle Film Equipment
Grip and Lightning Supplies: FTK

Sunnyvale unit:
Director of Photography: Philip Lima
Assistant Cameraman, Sound Mixer: Donald Eldridge
Grip: Nick Alheit
Grip, Lighting, and Camera Supplies: Impact Media

Camera and Equipment Rental: Chater Camera San Francisco
Camera Equipment Rental: Videofax San Francisco

This video can also be watched at YouTube and Vimeo.