Nexus 7: Lifestyle Photography

Who says it always got to move?

While my main field of expertise is definitely the moving image, occasionally I do enjoy directing a photo shoot or two. Recently I had an honor to direct the lifestyle photography set for Google’s latest tablet – Nexus 7.

The tone of the shoot, as well as the entire campaign reflects Google’s approach to their devices. They are here to serve the user, to assist, facilitate and simplify everyday tasks. Just like any other everyday tool, they become the instrument in the hands of the individual, and it is that very individual that becomes the focus of our pieces.

Here are ten of my favorite photos from the lifestyle set. For more, keep an eye on the official Nexus website.

Nexus Lifestyle 01


Nexus Lifestyle 02


Nexus Lifestyle 03


Nexus Lifestyle 04


Nexus Lifestyle 05


Nexus Lifestyle 06


Nexus Lifestyle 07


Nexus Lifestyle 08


Nexus Lifestyle 09


Nexus Lifestyle 10

Nexus 7: Lifestyle Photography
An Autofuss Production

Client: Google Nexus
Executive Creative Director: Randy Stowell
Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
Creative Director: Quba Michalski
Art Producer: Analisa Payne
Photographer: Michael Warren
Digi Tech: David Kurtis
2nd Assistant: Andrew Fornasier
3rd Assistant: Tim Daw
Producer: Carmel Cottingham
Production Coordinator: Sarah Schulweis
Production Assistant: Lilja Klempan
Wardrobe Stylist: Tammy Eckenswiller
Hair & Makeup Artist: Yvette Swallow
Prop Stylist: Kelly Allen
Talent Agent: Jessi Schneider (Blackwell Files)
Retoucher: Adam Moore (Sugar Digital)