You simply got to love the Internet, and the motion graphics community. Less than a day has passed since the release of our Cinema 4D Camera Rig and we already have an update!

Mdhamiri a Nkemi, one of the site’s visitors decided to clean up the rig a little bit and add some new functionality. I liked it so much, I decided to share it with all of you as an official community update 1.1.

What’s New in 1.1

  • Camera object is now renamed to iDoF
    Seems that the name stuck :)
  • Helper objects and XPRESSO nodes are now hidden using layers
    Much more elegant way of hiding the “guts” of the rig – all you will see in your objects browser is a single iDoF node. You may still access the helpers by toggling them on through the layer browser
  • New control: Blur Strenght
    You can now directly control the blur strength from the iDoF camera. No need to jump to Render Options panel. This control only works when the project is started from the iDoF document. It will not work if the camera has been merged into an existing scene
  • New control: System Colors
    You can now modify the display colors of your camera and helper objects in the HUD from the iDoF panel on the camera
  • Modified control: C4D/AE modes
    C4D/AE modes are now selected using a drop-down menu, rather than the radio buttons. Helps keep things tidy.

The zip file now contains both the latest version of the rig, as well as the original 1.0 release, as used in the tutorial. You will also find release notes and a PDF graph explaining the difference in depth map rendering between C4D and AE.

Download it below:

Many thanks to Mdhamiri a Nkemi for this update!