I usually like to build my compositions vertically, placing most of the data in a single timeline. It works most of the time, although sometimes results in skyscraper monstrosities like the nearly 1000 layer project I talked about a while back.

The ad I am working on right now required a different approach. I had to create pre-comps of pre-comps of pre-comps of some more pre-comps, constantly burying and digging up various elements. A timeline screenshot would not do it much justice, so I decided to share with you the flowchart view of the project.

If everything goes according to the production schedule, I will be sharing the result with you in about a week or so.


By the way, I know the “Yo dawg” Xzibit meme is old news, but regardless, here’s the best one I heard so far:

Yo dawg, I heard yo and yo dawg like yo-yo’s, so I put yo dawg in a yo-yo, so yo can yo-yo yo dawg while yo dawg yo-yo’s.