Here is a sequel to the gnctrkcll / Cornetto: text+talk ad released 7 days ago. Since it is a tag-on companion piece to the original ad, not much has changed in the department of decorative elements. You might notice, however, that the main character now got a girlfriend.

This one was produced in 4 days, right after completing the gnctrkcll: Kurucesme series. I would have posted it earlier, but I first had to catch up on sleep :)

gnctrkcll / Cornetto: 1+1 (click to play)


Client: Turkcell / Algida
Agency: Leo Burnett
Directed by: Quba Michalski
Design: Çiğdem Keresteci
Animation & Compositing: Quba Michalski
Photography: Bora Sübakan, DEPOgraphy
Character Design: Meni Tzima
Character Animation: Cave VFX
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D

Original post on imago website:

Also available in HD at Vimeo.