A while back, I have created a set of spray images for Valve’s Team Fortress 2. It was released as the q3c’s custom sprays for TF2, but has since been taken offline. During the data recovery after the recent HDD crash, I came across these graphics, and decided to re-release them here at QubaHQ.

The pack contains a total of 11 sprays: One for each to the 9 Team Fortress 2 classes, with one extra medic spray and a little something for all the World of Warcraft players. Well… the ones who play the Horde, at least. All the installation instructions are included in the download.

Team Fortress 2 Spray Pack 1 preview


Download the QubaHQ TF2 Spray Pack 1 below:

…and yes, in case you wonder “Spray Pack one” is named this way on purpose. In the near future I am planning to release some more of those :)