The motion graphics world is talking about it. The gaming world is talking about it. It was sitting on my desktop for the last three days and I didn’t have a moment to post it. Now it’s about time.

Pixels is a short film produced by One More Production and directed by Partick Jean. It tells a story of an 8bit invasion over the New York city and combines live action footage with blocky, stylized CGI. Drawing inspiration from the Nintendo and Commodore64 era of games, it unleashes waves of 3D sprites onto the world, bringing the coolest possible version of an apocalypse I have seen in a while.


While as of this moment there is no making of Pixels video available, Lester Banks over at his blog has an interesting analysis of the possible techniques used in creating this short. He suggests Pixels may be using a Maya plugin named Qubicle, created by Tim Wesoly. Lester’s article is definitely a good read to accompany watching this film.

If you like the visual style of Pixels, make sure to check out the upcoming PS3 game entitled 3D Dot Game Heroes, featuring similar graphics – in real-time.

Written, directed by: Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy: Matias Boucard
SFX by Patrick Jean and guests
Produced by One More Production

Pixels at One More Production website: