The original rebranding of Beko’s identity was fairly conservative when it came to changes in the look of TV commercial. Now, that the new ID has been widely accepted, we were tasked with updating the style of the TVCs.

Right away we replaced the original dark background with much more fresh, bright design. Next, we got rid of straight lines with parallel/perpendicular design and introduced bends and twists to the colored stripes (the basic element of brand’s ID). We also updated the end-tag with a cleaner, shiny globe and some other minor tweaks.

Once we were set on the look, we proceeded with creating a number of scene and transition templates. These 3-7 second modules can be freely arranged by the agency, offering over 10,000 possible edits for the commercial. Having all the 3D elements and effects pre-rendered, guarantees the consistent look throughout all the ads and simplifies the work of the animator to a simple drag-and-drop operation for new products and slogans.

[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
Beko: New Look: TVC Sample


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
Beko: New Look: Template Sample


Client: Beko
Agency: TBWA
Design, Animation & Coding: Quba Michalski
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D

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