During the recent re-branding and identity change of the BEKO brand, we have been tasked with preparing the motion part of the new ID.

The project consisted of two phases: First we developed a new end-tag to be used by all of BEKO’s TV commercials. The tag went through several iterations until finally arriving at its final form in February 2009. Second, we created a Promotion Commercial template – a base upon which all the subsequent BEKO commercials advertising sale promotions will be built.

You can view both the latest version of the end-tag and the template advertisement below.

[flashvideo file=http://video.imagonewmedia.com/flv/imago_beko_tvc.flv height=481 /]
Beko Rebranding: Advertisement Template


[flashvideo file=http://video.imagonewmedia.com/flv/imago_beko_february_endtag.flv height=481 /]
Beko Rebranding: End-tag


Client: Beko
Agency: TBWA
Design & Animation: Quba Michalski
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects

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