This was another one of the “express” projects – scheduled to go on air mere hours before the start of the advertised sailing cup.

The basic design guidelines and the look of the campaign were already established by the agency in the print ads. We followed their concept featuring boat imagery and thin, repeating vector strokes. The series of stock videos were provided to us, as well. We threw them through some motion tracking and matchmoving, allowing us to integrate the graphic elements into the footage.

We settled on a library drum’n’bass music with rapid cuts to pump some extra energy into otherwise slow videos. The vector lines flowing through the scenes gave the ad an extra dynamic “kick”.

[flashvideo file= height=481 /]


Client: Garanti Bank
Agency: Alametifarika
Editing & Animation: Quba Michalski
Art Direction: Çiğdem Keresteci, Quba Michalski
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects

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