Cross Turkey was an event sponsored by Snickers in which three of the nation’s best in-line skaters traveled a distance of 1600km, from Istanbul to Urfa over a period of 58 days.

Part one of the advertisement introduces the characters and the event concept. Part two documents the route.

We decided to go with an old-school grunge design, widely popular among Turkish skaters.

For the version presented on this website we removed the voiceover from the first ad. Unfortunately we did not have a music-only version of the second ad.

Well, at least native English speakers can get a good kick out of the way the voice actor pronounces “Snickers”.

[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
Snickers: Cross Turkey: Introduction


[flashvideo file= height=481 /]
Snickers: Cross Turkey: On the road


Client: Snickers
Agency: BBDO Istanbul
Design & Animation: Quba Michalski
Music: DaÄŸhan KÖk (Retronic)
Production: DEPOfilm
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects

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