Leo Burnett Istanbul commissioned us with creating a short, one minute animation for Roter – a red sloe berry vodka drink by Ursus. The video was to be displayed in exclusive clubs only, and not intended for television.

All designs are based on the print campaign developed internally by Leo Burnett and translated into an animation by imago.

Please, don’t mind the syntax of the slogans featured in the video – they were approved by the client and delivered to us in this form. We just made them move.

[flashvideo file=http://video.imagonewmedia.com/flv/imago_ursus_roter.flv height=367 /]


Client: Ursus
Agency: Leo Burnett Istanbul
Design & Animation: Quba Michalski
Music: DaÄŸhan KÖk (Retronic)
Tools: Photoshop, After Effects

Original post on imago website: