“Quick Shave” was created two years before the establishing of imago. We still, however, consider it to belong in our portfolio as a part of studio’s rich heritage.

This piece was one of the very first videos made by Quba with the use of Adobe After Effects. The process was simple: Quba needed a shave and there was a camera laying around. We outlined the shape of head and shoulders on the preview monitor and then had him shake his head until the position matched with the previous shot. Post-production camera movement was added to mask the edits and some flying hair was composited on top of the footage.

The whole thing was filmed over the course of four hours and then edited in the following two days. We believe Quba’s brain may never be the same after the long hours of being tossed around in the skull throughout the filming of this piece.

[flashvideo file=http://video.imagonewmedia.com/flv/imago_quickshave.flv /]




Concept, Direction, Effects & Shaving: Quba Michalski
Camera & Lights: Dylan Pank
Music: Miles Davis
Tools: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop

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