Why things are not working

Since 2005, I have used this site to provide the motion design community with a source of free tutorials, tools, reviews and entertainment. I have not generated any profit from doing so, and in fact spent countless days writing, animating and recording the content.

For the past several months, QubaHQ has been under constant attack from someone attempting to turn the site into a casino banner farm. With no budget to hire a security expert I had to rely on my own, limited knowledge in trying to repel constant hack attempts.

At this point I no longer have the time, nor the energy to continue this fight.

Well done, you managed to fuck up an unsecured siteproviding community with free resources.

Yes, the theme I was running on the site was old and full of holes. Yes, technically it’s my fault. Yes, it was naive of me to think they’d leave this site alone since it’s doing something good for the community.

Stuff is broken and it may stay broken

From what I can gather, the database has not been breached. Your email addresses should be safe, but just in case I deleted all users from the site.

I also changed the theme to a newer, more secure one. What it means though, is that most of the old posts no longer fit in the new templates – that’s nearly 500 articles I need to edit.

As I said earlier, I don’t really have the capacity to spend so much time maintaining this site on regular basis. I will do my best to fix what I can, but the process will take time. Meanwhile, if you find something broken – expect it to stay that way for a while.

Hopefully, whoever kept intruding my site will kindly fuck off and find some target more deserving of hacking.

As for now – now you know why we can’t have nice things.