ChiChiLand Adventure: Basic Movement

Nothing feels quite as cool as seeing your creation begin to take shape and come to life. After some experimentation with basic sprite shading (decided against), it is finally time to drop the player sprite into Game Maker and make it alive.

I studied the basics from these tutorial series by Shaun Spalding and then continued with familiar JavaScript syntax I learned for After Effects scripting. Whenever stuck, I’d hit Game Maker Studio’s extensive help library, or simply Google around a bit.

Click the image below to try out the first character movement test. Once the game initializes, click inside the overlay to activate it and then use WASD keys to move around… or not.

Click to play


Internet Explorer seems to be adding some unnecessary smoothing to the sprite, making it all blurry. Try other browsers if possible.

In the next post I will talk a bit about the code and logic behind this build.