ChiChiLand Adventure: Player Sprite

I have decided to learn how to create games. It’s really a no-brainer. I’ve been playing and following game development for most of my life now, I already use code in my animation work – why not give it a shot?

At the moment I have a more-less fleshed out idea of what my first game will be (more on that in another post) and I will document my journey through the posts in this brand new Game Development category on QubaHQ.

I am starting pretty much from zero. I know JavaScript well enough to understand many of related scripting and programming languages. I know animation, asset creation and have a soft spot for pixel art – a style I will use for the first title.

To develop my first game I will use Game Maker Studio Pro by YoYo Games. It’s a pretty good beginner SDK with export modules for most popular platforms. Again, I will get into the details once I get to actually using it :)

For now, here is a character study for the player sprite I just completed.



The character is based off a work by my wife, Cigdem Michalski – in particular, the daily #335 “Abstraction”, originally published as a part of her ChiChiLand Everyday project.

I will discuss the connection with the ChiChiLand series and the style a bit more in the next update!