Every day I receive quite a few new friend requests on Facebook. Many of them (I can only assume) come from the readers of QubaHQ. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of spam and phishing attempts, I usually reject/ignore those requests without giving it a second thought. If you have requested to “friend me” on Facebook and have been ignored, it’s nothing personal. Here’s what you can do:

If you are to try and “friend me” from my Facebook profile, make sure to include a small note in the request. Mention that you come from this site, tell me who you are. Otherwise, I can only assume another batch of spammers are trying to get to me.

By the way, there isn’t really anything special on my Facebook profile. I post regular updates to what’s on the site (which you can easily get via either RSS or Twitter). Apart from that you may see an occasional casual photo, some silly YouTube link or a rant against my Internet provider – pretty much the usual stuff people put on FB.

So… see you there… or not.