It’s been a while since I posted any meaningful update on QubaHQ. Except for the bi-daily doodle slowly turning the whole site monochrome there hasn’t been much activity here. Here’s why.

I have recently suffered a catastrophic HDD failure, wiping out all the current projects I have been working on. While older works were safe and sound in the backup drives, almost a week worth of animation went up in smoke. It was my own fault, really, stupidly running my main work system using a RAID-0 configuration – a mistake I am not likely to repeat anytime soon.

I have spent all of my time recently getting new hardware installed, configured and then step-by-step getting all the software running; the OS, programs, plugins, presets, media libraries… I am mostly up and running now, though I constantly come across some little things I forgot to install like configs or presets.

Needless to say, my schedule took a pretty hard hit and my main priority at the moment is to catch up with the commercial workload and deliver all the delayed projects to the clients as soon as possible. Once all that is done, I’ll be sure to inject some fresh content into the website.

Thank you for your patience!