This post begins a three-month Doodles&Noodles marathon. Until the middle of May, every other day a new sketch, doodle or illustration will be posted on QubaHQ. This is a result of a day of work spent digging through my old notebooks, scanning them and cleaning images up in Photoshop. Here is the first one:

This one dates back to 2003. back then I was a lecturer at the university and we held long, pointless department meetings twice a week. Meetings would usually go on for hours and be conducted in Turkish – language I barely understood back then. As a full-time staffer, I had to be present though.

The only way to cope with the boredom was to put myself in meditation-like state and doodle in my notebook, half-aware of what’s going on around.

I guess the amount of detail in this picture illustrates the point (the original is no larger than 10x14cm).

Meeting Calendar (click to enlarge)


By the way, I love the “productivity tools” on the computer monitor. Some folders, a picture of a naked lady and an instant messenger.