By now, most likely, everyone-and-their-extended-families have seen the Gene Pool application. On the odd chance you haven’t, I decided to feature this awesome program/game/simulation here.

Gene Pool allows the user to observe evolution of miniature digital creatures known as swimbots as they travel around a pool of liquid in search of food and mates. The user can decide on the composition of the pool, amount of food, types of swimbots and the rules of attraction between them. Once set, you sit back, relax and watch little swimbots go at it in merciless fight for species survival.

Each swimbot carries a unique genetic code determining it’s shape, movement and colors. After successful mating, the offspring obtains a mix of characteristics from both parents. The whole process can be quite mesmerizing to watch, despite fairly simple presentation.



Gene Pool was created by JJ Ventrella, based on an earlier work called Darwin Pond.

Official Gene Pool website: