I just came across a website named Wordle. It is a host to an absolutely awesome Java applet which takes a set of keywords and generates a collage out of them in around a second. You can either copy-paste the text yourself, let the applet analyze a web address, a RSS feed or even tags of a del.icio.us user.

In the past, creating this type of collages was an extremely time-taking process. Right now you can just hit randomize 60 times a minute, customize colors, typefaces, layout styles, amount of keywords and so on. The finished work can be send to a printer, so if you have a PDF printer driver installed, you will have your collage in any software of your choice in no time.

Here are three wordles I generated from the RSS feeds. It took literally no longer than 3 minutes of setup and tweaking.

Wordle based on keywords from Quba HQ


Wordle based on keywords from imago new media


Wordle based on keywords from chi chi land


To make your own, head now to:

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