Windosill is an abstract point-and-click game – a genre that used to be quite popular several years ago among Flash developers, but since then got much harder to find. Main reason for genre’s decay could be the fact that if implemented incorrectly, instead of surreal exploration, the user may be subjected into frustrating click-fest without any clue whatsoever about the possible outcome.

Fortunately, Vectorpark, the authors of this game have a lot of experience in creating abstract adventures, resulting in a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Windosill allows you to play through half of the game online. In order to play the complete game, you need to purchase it for a small fee of $3. You can do so on the official site (link below), as well as through Steam.

Windosill official website:

Vectorpark – for even more similar games:

If you enjoying playing Vectorpark games, be sure to have look at the personal website of Patrick Smith – Brooklyn-based artist behind this project.

Catalog by Patrick Smith (oil on canvas, 2005)


Partick’s personal site is located at: