It has been a while since I updated any of my blogs. Bici Bee had his last episode in the middle of August 2009. Video Bits were gathering dust since September. Brainstorm… don’t even ask about that one.

Apparently multiple blogs are not my thing. Creating separate mini-site for every new idea did not work out. That is why I decided to consolidate all the content spread around various sites and domains into a final, decisive Quba HQ experience.

And that’s what you are looking at right now.

As the time passes I will migrate the posts into the archives of this new, final blog. They will maintain their original post dates, but comments will be lost – sorry about that. Simultaneously, I will be able to publish new posts on a wider variety of topics. Expect more rants, reviews, perhaps even a tutorial or two.

Now back to work. Got tons of posts to migrate.