Turkey is not the most liberal country in the world. Despite Istanbul being designated the 2010 European Capital of Culture, freedom of speech is often suppressed, censorship runs wide and tall and protesters often end up in violent clashes with the police.

In order to avoid repercussions, (or perhaps just for lulz) Turkish Internet site Bobiler recently organized a Google Maps March against censorship.

Feel free to view the march below. If you would like to join it, simply click the title of the map below it, once on google maps page hit edit and add yourself to the march.


I am not posting the link to the official page of the project, since whenever I open it my antivirus goes berserk with alerts. You can visit it from the Bobiler page, but don’t say I did not warn you. (Most likely the cause of the virus alerts is an open-for-all google docs application into which somebody pasted the malicious code).