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Tim Minchin: Storm

Over a year ago I posted a trailer for a fantastic animated short entitled Storm. The film was to be written and performed by Tim Minchin and directed by DC Turner and scheduled for release in 2010. They year has gone and passed and I assumed the film was cancelled. Apparently I haven’t followed it closely enough. The film was released in festivals in 2010 – and in April 2011 it premiered on YouTube.

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Tutorial+Preset: SplatterType

If you are sick of the April Fool’s day silliness all over the net, I have some seriously cool stuff for you today. SplatterType is a custom preset I have developed recently that will allow you to create amazing ink and paint splatter animations with just a few clicks.

Updated! Please read the update info underneath the videos and use the preset instead of the project files!

Much like my previous tutorial, SplatterType relies only on After Effects text animators and does not require any additional plugins (3rd or even 1st party). Robust set of controls make it highly customizable, while the expressions work in the background to do all the hard work for you.

Whether you’re after a dark, grungy look or happy-go-lucky colorful design, whether you’re compositing 2D, 3D, mattes, transitions, you name it – this little free preset will let you spend time on creative choices rather than tedious keyframing. Enjoy!

Running time: 35min
Difficulty: Easy
Required tools: After Effects

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I Hate Reboots

I remember drawing this on one sunny Summer afternoon back in 2002. I was sitting in Café Pia, sipping beer and waiting for some friends of mine. They were really late.

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Tutorial: Text Reveal (Efficient Method)

Revealing handwritten text is one of these unpleasant tasks every motion designer has to deal with at least once. In this tutorial I present possibly the quickest and most efficient way of producing this effect.

Since the reveal effect itself is quite simple to produce and would result in a very short tutorial, I added some bulk to the video by presenting a smart way of guiding a null along the reveal, using it to drive different effects, such as a lens flare or particles.

Running time: 35min
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Trapcode 3D Stroke and Particular.
Optional tools: Video Copilot Optical Flares

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Graffiti Analysis 2.0

“Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. Custom software designed for graffiti writers creates visualizations of the often unseen motion involved in the creation of a tag.”

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Textorizer: Typographer’s Dream Continues

A few days ago I wrote about Wordle: a web-based Java application for creating typographic mosaics/collages out of any given text. Now I have another great application for you: Textorizer.

This time your input will include not only source text (sorry, .txt file only, no web-based feed analysis), but also an image. Textorizer will then read the color information from your image and create a typographic mosaic using the text and typeface you selected. The mosaic will be saved in either PNG or SVG format.

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Wordle: Typographer’s Dream

I just came across a website named Wordle. It is a host to an absolutely awesome Java applet which takes a set of keywords and generates a collage out of them in around a second. You can either copy-paste the text yourself, let the applet analyze a web address, a RSS feed or even tags of a user.

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The New York Times

This is our one minute advertisement for the launch of Turkish Edition of The New York Times.

We constructed typographic versions of the most recognizable landmarks in Manhattan and Istanbul, and created a compact tour taking the audience from the New York Harbor all the way to the Bosphorus. Actual pages from the first issue of the newspaper were used to create the textures used in the scenes. The financial news page became NYSE and Wall Street, entertainment news turned into Times Square, and so on.

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imago Reel 2006 DVD

This is an demo of the DVD menu structure designed for imago’s 2006 reel. The typography and illustrations were designed by Cigdem Keresteci, while I animated the loops and transitions and built the DVD itself.

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