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Morhipo ads and how MovieType saved my skin

I remember the first time John from Motionworks shown me a beta version of MovieType. Pretty cool – I remember saying – I’m sure it will be useful to the people who do lots of 3D text, but not really something I would use in my projects.

While I was certainly impressed with both the idea and the implementation of MovieType, I really did not think I’d ever have any need for it. My motion pieces rarely, if ever, use 3D typography. I may throw an After Effects 3D text layer here and there, but that’s pretty much it.

And then came the gig.

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Future Friendly

Around two weeks ago I posted Blast from the Past: Imago Zoo – a series of wallpapers created for imago back around 2004. Today I am happy to show you three more renders from the imago promo series entitled Future Friendly.

They are slightly newer (2005 or 06 I believe) and feature cute, shiny robots I designed in Maya.

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Bici Bee #118: Aqua Bee

Today’s comic comes with a special bonus for all the fans. You can now download the Bici Bee icon for both Mac OSX and Windows. Let the stinging begin!

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