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Topographics Teaser

Topographix Teaser

Topographix Topographics is a cool new tech I have been developing for the past few days. It will most likely eventually make its way to the QubaHQ tutorials, but not before we make something new using it with my team. The tool is still in early alpha, but already kicks some major ass and se should start doing some testing early next week.


UPDATE: Apparently the name “topographix” is trademarked in the US and I have been already contacted and warned by the owner. I guess I gotta rename it into “topographics”.

Watch this space for more in the coming weeks.

ChiChiLand Adventure: Random Zones


I just came back from holiday yesterday, full of energy and inspiration. It was time to tackle the level generation.

ChiChiLand Adventure will use procedural generation for many of its elements, including zones within the levels. Within these zones, the entities (zone citizens) will be simulated based on simple sets of rules. In the garden, for example, I am planning to have some animals and some trees. Every x amount of time, each tree will have a chance to bear fruit. The fruit will fall down and roll in a random direction until stopping. Each animal in the zone will have a hunger meter – as they get hungry, they will seek out fruit and eat it. There will definitely be more behaviors, but that’s the basic logic.

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Tutorial: Procedural Disintegration

In this long-delayed tutorial I will show you an efficient method for disintegrating/dispersing a 3D layer into particles. The method shown here has been optimized to produce maximum amount of particles at lowest computing cost (more stuff flying around, faster renders).

Originally planned to be released in June 2010, this tutorial concludes the four-part series including: 100% Accurate Reflections, Automated Light Rig and Light Wall.

Running time: 70min
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Trapcode Particular
Optional plug-ins: VC Optical Flares (or similar)

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Gene Pool

By now, most likely, everyone-and-their-extended-families have seen the Gene Pool application. On the odd chance you haven’t, I decided to feature this awesome program/game/simulation here.

Gene Pool allows the user to observe evolution of miniature digital creatures known as swimbots as they travel around a pool of liquid in search of food and mates. The user can decide on the composition of the pool, amount of food, types of swimbots and the rules of attraction between them. Once set, you sit back, relax and watch little swimbots go at it in merciless fight for species survival.

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Textorizer: Typographer’s Dream Continues

A few days ago I wrote about Wordle: a web-based Java application for creating typographic mosaics/collages out of any given text. Now I have another great application for you: Textorizer.

This time your input will include not only source text (sorry, .txt file only, no web-based feed analysis), but also an image. Textorizer will then read the color information from your image and create a typographic mosaic using the text and typeface you selected. The mosaic will be saved in either PNG or SVG format.

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Wordle: Typographer’s Dream

I just came across a website named Wordle. It is a host to an absolutely awesome Java applet which takes a set of keywords and generates a collage out of them in around a second. You can either copy-paste the text yourself, let the applet analyze a web address, a RSS feed or even tags of a user.

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Procedural animation developed for the Master of IDM project. A null object creates a randomized 3D loop path, while a particle system feeds it little spheres, each identified by a text layer displaying its ID number.

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Crossword Hax

Procedural animation developed for Master of IDM. Randomized distribution of letters of alphabet on a 3D grid.

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RGB Blobs

Procedural animation developed for Master of IDM project. Six blobs (2D metaballs) traveling on the surface of the sphere, combining in the additive color mode.

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Glow Spider

Procedural animation done using Trapcode Particular and a whole bunch of custom expressions. Developed for the Master of IDM project.

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