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Bici Bee #148: Bici Origins (12)

Remember the theory of flatland they teach in grade school? The one about a 2 dimensional world and its inhabitants and how they cannot imagine the third dimension? I feel the same principle applies to Bici Bees and sharp, angular forms.

Bici Bee #138: Bici Origins (11)

Be on a lookout for stray-away bees when shopping.

Bici Bee #124: Bici Origins (10)

Finally we have some confirmed facts!

Bici Bee #122: Bici Origins (9)

Scientific method – shmientific method… Experimental surgeries FTW!

Bici Bee #97: Get Back in Shape

Bees don’t get fat. They just get out of shape.

Bici Bee #84: Bici and the Brain (1)

Decided to take a shot at a little story arch this week. Bici and the Brain starts today.

Bici Bee #80: Bici Origins (8)

Come to think about it, this theory is most plausible so far.

Bici Bee #77: Bici Origins (7)

The search for the elusive truth about Bici’s origins continues, but this time even the top scientists are of not much help…

Bici Bee #73: Braaaains!

I thought this may explain some things….

Bici Bee #65: Bici Origins (6)

Remember the Cyborg Name Decoder? I just did.

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