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Godzilla / Bicilla

Before the Adventures of the Bici Bee and their main character came to be, I have been sketching a number of possible characters. These ones were called Bicila – the name was apparently getting close, but the characters were missing that special, hard to define something that Bici Bee has. I guess they just were not silly enough.

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Bici Bee #67: Mobee Dick

Ah, the never-ending dreams of greatness.


Bici Bee #31: Mechabicilla

It was Dell, I believe, that advertised with the slogan “With great power comes great irresponsibility”. Bici agrees.


Monster Pitch

These are two motion sketches from the pitch I did for end-tag back in 2007. In the end the company settled on a very simple logo fading in on black background, but I still like these two ideas.

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