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Rainy Window (Tutorial)

Rainy Window (Tutorial)

In this massive, 3-chapter tutorial you will learn how to create an After Effects scene with a realistic rain dripping down a window. In chapter 1 I explain the creation of the background plate – from a single photograph to an illusion of an alive city at night. In chapter 2 I walk you though the creation of rain simulation using Trapcode Particular. The final, 3rd chapter focuses on compositing these elements together to create the final look.

Running time: 103min (in three chapters: 35, 33 and 45min long)
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Trapcode Particular
Recommended tools: Trapcode Shine
Intro and Outro music: “Ghosts II” by Nine Inch Nails

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Chromatic Aberration: Tutorial & Preset Teaser

Chromatic Aberration: Tutorial & Preset Teaser

QubaHQ Tutorials have been on an extended hiatus for a while now. Unfortunately, while I have a number of cool new tools ready to go, I am currently not able to record and edit any new tutorial videos, so you will have to wait some more for that. Meanwhile, here is a result of me messing around with After Effects and testing my new Chromatic Aberration rig.


Once I get the chance, the rig will be published and distributed for free on this site. …and it is finally done! Check it at

Preset+Tutorial: Floaties

In this tutorial I will demonstrate the use of a new free preset from – Floaties. Floaties is a text animator based fake particle simulator allowing you to create floating specs of dust, glitters, bokeh-style out of focus abstract backgrounds and other visual elements. It attempts to emulate some of the basic behavior found in Trapcode Particular, providing limited, but free alternative to that popular plugin (as long as you are going for a certain visual style).

Running time: 51min
Difficulty: Easy
Required tools: After Effects

Music used in the preview video is a fragment of Borrel by Jukka Koops a.k.a. Sumo Lounge. Check his other works at:

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Tutorial: 100% Accurate Reflections

In this After Effects tutorial I will demonstrate to you how to build a two-camera rig in order to create perfect 3D reflections. Using this technique, you will be able to reflect not only 3D layers, but also lights, particles, as well as any plug-in that obeys the movement of AE’s 3D camera.

The setup is trivially easy when using hand-animated cameras, but in the second half of the video I also show you how to create a more complex rig for use with Video Copilot’s Sure Target 2 camera controls.

The music used in the preview is a fragment of an Instrumental Mix of Perfect Exceeder by MASON vs Princess Superstar.

Running time: 51 min
Difficulty: Easy (you will be surprised how easy)
Required tools: After Effects (CS3 and above)
Optional plug-ins: VC Optical Flares, Knoll Light Factory, Trapcode Lux, Trapcode 3D Stroke, Trapcode Particular

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Tutorial: HolOS Password Hacking

Password hacking is usually presented as a quite dull process in Hollywood visuals. It is even more dull in real life. In this tutorial I will show you my take on a HolOS password hacking interface – spicing it up with After Effects 2.5D crossword puzzle look.

The idea for this tutorial comes from one of the Video Bits projects published back in 2008: Crossword Hax. I think enough time has passed since I created that effect, so I decided to share it with the community.

Running time: 41min
Difficulty: Advanced
Required tools: After Effects
Optional tools: Trapcode Horizon

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Tutorial: Text Reveal (Efficient Method)

Revealing handwritten text is one of these unpleasant tasks every motion designer has to deal with at least once. In this tutorial I present possibly the quickest and most efficient way of producing this effect.

Since the reveal effect itself is quite simple to produce and would result in a very short tutorial, I added some bulk to the video by presenting a smart way of guiding a null along the reveal, using it to drive different effects, such as a lens flare or particles.

Running time: 35min
Difficulty: Medium
Required tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Trapcode 3D Stroke and Particular.
Optional tools: Video Copilot Optical Flares

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Advanced Typing Tutor Software

We have all at one point or another encountered some sort of typing tutor program. They teach you how to position your hands on the keyboard, which keys to press using which finger in order to achieve maximum speed 10-finger typing skill.

My problem with these programs was always the boring routine of repeating the same basic lessons over and over. Rows and rows of asde sad desa ased dads sead deeds seeds sdsa needed to be typed over and over again.

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