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gnctrkcll: Kurucesme

This project is a not-so-distant cousin of gnctrkcll / cornetto project, and was produced over the weekend break between the two parts of its bigger relative. The main concept remained the same – a stop-motion actor, t-shirt with a character, busy background.

The character was, again, designed by Meni, but this time we were delivered ready frames from the agency and did not have much input on what it does. Instead I focused on creating a small library of cell-shaded 3D elements, later used to liven up the scene.

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MTV: Happy Ident

This short ident was the first animation created by us under the imago label. It was produced for MTV Networks Europe and aired through 2004-2005.

The main theme of the project was “the things that are fun” – science fiction, old arcade games, travels, nature, etc. Originally created as a tall vertical poster, it was then converted to an ident through simple animation of different elements and vertical scrolling.

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